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Meet Lauri Koo

Throughout my life I'd always heard the phrase "stop and smell the roses" which could be taken as a metaphor to take time to appreciate the beauty around you, or the actual act of admiring roses. I finally understood both meanings and have done my best to apply them to my own life daily. I am happiest when I am out in nature exploring whatever I find fascinating or interesting whether it be a flower, a bird, a tree or an animal. 


Just a few years ago the timing and opportunity allowed me to explore more of my creative interests of photography and painting. I am inspired by the awe and beauty that surrounds me here in the Arizona desert. Come and take a journey through my lens and brush. Commissions are welcome as my schedule permits.

Juried Events/Shows

Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour 2021 Guest Artist/Robin's Nest

Studio 37

Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour 2020 Guest Artist/Robin's Nest

Studio 26 

Twist Bistro and Gallery

Aug.-Nov. 2021; Feb-April 2021

Sept. 2020 - Jan. 2021; May-August 2020​

Holland Center Foothills Community Foundation/Feb-March 2020; The Gallery at el Pedregal Winter Showing: Nov. 2019-Feb. 2020

Sonoran Art LeagueStagecoach Village "New Member New Show" 2020

Desert Foothills Gallery

"Hot Art/Cool Show" 2019" Emerging Artist's Show " 2019​


Proud Member of:

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